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LeadProcessEngineer.Com Vision Statement

It is only possible to achieve project excellence continuously and for repeat clients through technical excellence, honest business methods, and personal integrity. A primary characteristic is the ability to act in this manner at all times, especially when you are the only witness to your activities. Getting results through methods that would embarrass those you work with or is not an ethical approach cannot be tolerated. It is better to inform your client of a problem and suggest an honest means out of it, even if it means you will lose their business.

About This Site

The idea for this site came to me after many years of dealing with a new ‘start up team’ for every project I worked on. It was like going into a fire fight with a new untrained squad every day. In the heat of a project, it’s tough to train, motivate, organize and hope to become amazingly proficient in the few months a project takes to complete. I began to organize between projects, developing people by teaching core competencies and developing tools to make it easier for the team to get on track. I also developed tools and knowledge necessary to advise clients on how best to use an E&C team’s skills. I hope you find the site useful. Please note the seminars available. Something new is always being posted.

About John Lagace

John Lagace has 40 years of experience in polymers, chemicals and oil refining from an owner and E&C perspective.

John was formerly with Shell Chemical Company, Exxon Polymers, S&B Engineers and Constructors and a partner with Commonwealth E&C in Houston in various technical and management positions. He has extensive overseas experience from an owner’s perspective having worked in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. He is presently a Chief Process Engineer for Worley Parsons, an E&C Company engaged in worldwide refinery and petrochemical design and construction. John also serves as Chairman of the Board for SER Jobs for Progress – Houston, a non-profit dedicated to training people for new careers.

Mr. Lagace holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Lowell Technological Institute (Now U. Mass. Lowell), an MS in Chemical Engineering (Phi Kappa Phi) from Penn State and is a registered professional engineer in Texas. John is a member of AIChE.

Contact John at jlagace@LeadProcessEngineer.Com